Everything You Never Wanted to Know

Title: Everything You Never Wanted to Know
Fandom: Batman (comics)
Rating: PG?
Characters: Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent
Notes: I started this in 2007, and thought I was never going to finish it. But last week I started working on it again, and actually finished! Minor continuity error with the rest of the series.
Summary: Jim Gordon learns of Bruce Wayne's condition and learns more than he ever wanted to (Jim's POV).  Companion of Death of a Thousand Cuts and A Mile In Your Shoes.

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Writing is a weird process.  What works on one writing project will fail horribly on another.  Some pieces have to be plotted out scene by scene, or even paragraph by paragraph, and others only need for you to have a vague idea of the plotline.  Sure, individual writers tend more towards one end of the spectrum than the other, but even then there's variation by piece.  So writers- or at least writers who want to improve their writing and finish their works- have to continually expand their toolbox of ways to work with a story from the first idea to the last revision.  Sometimes pieces beg to be worked out with a mindmap, or on index cards, or via pictograms on a dry-erase board, whether the writer has worked with that method before or not.

...Which is actually completely off-topic from what I was planning to say in this post, although it's something I do want to say..  Take 2.

Writing is a weird process.  To a certain extent you always have to think about backstory- whether that's a completely original backstory or one which is partially created already (unless you're writing Truman Show fanfiction, and you live in the world where the Truman show is actually real, there will always be gaps...now I want some Truman Show fanfiction from that world).  But thinking about backstory can go two ways (or probably more, but two main ways).  The first being it's predictable backstory, at least to you the writer.  You start thinking about the past of the characters and you don't have any times where you're surprised or shocked at it.  The other way it can go is, you're thinking about their backgrounds and some of the details make you stop and wonder how in the world that got to be canon for the verse you're writing in.  It feels right, but it's unexpected.


Title: Family
Characters: Implied OC
Rating: G
Summary: Family on Earth wasn't anything like family on Atlantis.
Disclaimer: They belong to whoever owns Stargate Atlantis, I'm just borrowing.

Family on Earth wasn't anything like family on Atlantis. On Atlantis, family was biological family and team family and work family, and those-who-risk-their-lives-for-you family, so she could claim all of Atlantis as family, and the Athosians and those Satedans who were still living as distant family. On Earth, though, family was only biological family, culled to merely blood relations, and those connections thinned until blood was like water in comparison to what family meant on Atlantis.



The multiverse is infinite, and if you get lost in it you can spend more than a lifetime trying to find your way home.  Eventually your memories of your universe fade, and jumble together with every other universe.  And then you won't know home even if you find it.

How It Begins

So apparently summer is a really bad time for me to get any writing done, because my muse needs maisiuil to be online to let me write.  Which is kind of disturbing when I think about it.  But anyway, I got sucked into writing Stargate Atlantis, which sadly doesn't come to me as easily as DCU.

How It Begins
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagen, Ronon Dex
Summary: Their path is different, but the destination is the same.
Word Count: 2154
Betad by: maisiuil

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Dead from Refugee 'Verse

My brain has been taken over by an epic in Stargate Atlantis, so I'm kind of dead right now.  I can't think about anything else, and it's going to take me forever (hopefully not literally) to write.  Just so you know.  maisiuil, as I told you before, this is your fault.  Also, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to post it, because I'm already writing backstory and sidestory (sidestory, in this case, being things which are technically spoilers for the main storyline but take place during it which I can't write from the POV that the main story's written from).  Oh, futurefic which disregards certain events because I am lazy about canon, how I adore thee.